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Gain control of your online reseller channels

If you represent a brand that sells products in online reseller channels you’re likely to have experienced lack of control. This guide gives you hands-on advice to help you excel in online reseller channels.

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Optimise for search

This is how you optimise your products for search on retailer sites and marketplaces

Making sure that your products are found in searches on retailer sites and marketplaces plays a key role in driving product sales. Searches no longer only start on Google or other search engines,…

5 Minutes Read

Creating a Product Details Page that converts

Your product content plays a key role in driving sales online. But providing content to the reseller isn’t enough when things change all the time. You need to monitor your resellers continuously to…

5 Minutes Read
Digital Shelf Analytics

Brands, is the digital shelf stacked in your favour?

Five ways to ensure your products get found, look sharp and fend off threats online As lockdown was lifted across Europe this summer, leading management consultants McKinsey warned that we may all be…

4 Minutes Read
Online shopping

3 quick tips on how to take charge of product sales in online reseller channels

Taking charge of how your products are presented in reseller channels takes effort, but pays off. And it doesn’t have to be difficult (or expensive) to get started. Find our top 3 tips…

Less than a Minute Read

ROI – What can you expect from using Detail Online?

Our customers often ask what kind of ROI (Return on Investment) they can expect from using Detail Online, which essentially is an e-commerce auditing tool. Monitoring online product visibility alone, of course, doesn’t…

7 Minutes Read
Online shopping will continue to have a big share of total retail sales

Online shopping will continue to have a big share of total retail sales post Covid-19

The Corona outbreak will speed up the shift from physical retail to e-commerce, which is now happening at a faster pace than previous forecasts. The share of consumers that do more than half…

2 Minutes Read
Consistency for consumer experiences

Why you should be focusing on consistency for consumer experiences

New research finds retailers are putting more emphasis on consistency of experience rather than the convergence of their digital and physical channels (1, Boston Retail Partners). But why is that? 8 out of…

4 Minutes Read
Increase sales in your 3rd party channels

Increasing your onlines sales in third party channels

E-commerce can be a world full of challenges. But there are just as many opportunities to increase sales if you know where to look. Most global brands now work with third party sales…

2 Minutes Read
Content matters

The Importance of product content – online and offline

According to Conversion XL insights, 36% of consumers spend on average 30 minutes on comparing products before deciding to buy, with 51% visiting more than 4 sites to research and compare. What this…

5 Minutes Read

What does an Online Merchandiser do?

Online merchandising is all the rage right now. But what does an Online Merchandiser actually do? How does their day-to-day look like? We've put together an overview to answer these questions and more.…

2 Minutes Read

Online merchandising: using smart tech to do all your mystery shopping and audits online

Thanks to new AI-powered smart search technology, it’s easier than ever to apply the principles of mystery shopping, audits and merchandising in the digital world. Great to have you here. Maybe you’ve read…

Less than a Minute Read

Spot your online sales channel revenue leaks and fix them

We’ve collected the factors that may be contributing to massive conversion problems and revenue leaks in your online sales channels. To stop these leaks, and optimise sales online as effectively as you do…

4 Minutes Read
Online shopping

Conversion secrets to drive sales online and offline

Have you ever wondered what actually drives sales in physical and online stores? The truth is, how easily your products fly off the shelves is basically the same in the physical and digital…

2 Minutes Read

5 ways to turn your out-of-stock problems into revenue

There are many things that hold back sales in reseller channels, but few hurts sales as much as when products go out of stock – especially when you are unaware of the problem.…

3 Minutes Read

How a packet of muesli can be worth $1,500 for global brands

Pretend for a moment that your company owns a very popular muesli brand that is sold globally online, via hundreds of resellers. How much is an individual packet worth, would you say?$2? $3?…

Less than a Minute Read
Missing piece

Why global brands’ products mysteriously disappear from online sales channels

Bestselling products from global brands regularly disappear from the online shelves – without anyone noticing. The resellers are usually slow to pick up on it, and most big brands are blind to it…

Less than a Minute Read