Secrets to succeeding with mystery shopping online

– discover lost sales opportunities and compliance issues

Optimising sales revenues from resellers comes down to making the most of every moment with potential customers. Consumers in today’s digital world expect flawless product exposure and lose trust in a brand if products are displayed differently over different channels.

Mystery shopping, frequent merchandising and regular audits are commonly performed in physical stores, yet are even more important online. But how do you practice these methods online? Read more in this blog post or download the complete guide by completing the form to the right.

Download this guide to get insights on:

  • Why online auditing is so vital for products and brands
  • Key parameters that are crucial for product visibility monitoring
  • How the concepts of mystery shopping, audits and merchandising in physical stores translate to the online landscape
  • Pitfalls in online sales channels
  • How you can discover and fix sales leaks in online reseller channels