Customer Stories

Detail Online provide actionable insights over brands product visibility across thousands of online retailers and marketplaces in over 80 countries. Join us as we gradually unveil and develop inspirational customer stories and how Detail Online helpe them to solve their online visibility on the digital shelf.

Detail Online’s reseller auditing tool is music to Zoundindustries’s ears

Leading speaker and headphones brand, Zoundindustries, has embedded our digital shelf analytics solution throughout its sales function.

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Detail Online was nominated in the 2021 Microsoft Supplier Program Prestige Awards

Microsoft was one of our first global clients four years ago, and we’ve been working closely with them ever since.

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Why Royal Canin trusts Detail Online to troubleshoot its reseller channels

Specialist petfood brand Royal Canin is just one of the international companies that trusts Detail Online to audit its digital resellers.

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