Online merchandising: using smart tech to do all your mystery shopping and audits online

Thanks to new AI-powered smart search technology, it’s easier than ever to apply the principles of mystery shopping, audits and merchandising in the digital world.

Great to have you here. Maybe you’ve read my previous blog post on the risks that come with not monitoring your online product visibility or maybe you’re just interested in what type of tech solutions are out there.

The good news is: AI-powered smart technology is on your side when it comes to taking charge of your online sales channels. But first, let’s have a look at which factors are different and which are the same when it comes to physical stores and online stores in terms of buyer decision making.

The truth is, that while online and offline audits are quite similar, monitoring them manually is almost impossible. That is where modern technology comes in. 

With the help of AI-based smart technology, you will get powerful data to enable you and your channel managers to take the right actions to improve online sales across the board. 

Originally published Dec. 04, 2019, updated May. 11, 2020
Joakim Gavelin
Joakim Gavelin
CEO, Detail Online

Joakim has spent 25 years in merchandising and conducting audits in physical stores, and for the last 5 years he has been applying the same principles online. The tactics include promotion, presentation, visibility, stock situation, position on shelf, share of shelf etc., which all affect conversion in e-commerce.

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Using technology to monitor your products’ visibility online allows you to discover lost sales opportunities. But what should you look out for when choosing such a solution that suits your business?
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