Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide what to track?

We help clients that only want to make sure their hero product is visible on all their key reseller sites, but we also help brands that holds thousands of SKUs on thousands of sites. We have experience from various industries and are happy share best practices and we help you set-up your monitoring to give you the insights that matters the most to you.

How does it work?

1. You identify the key marketplaces and resellers for us to audit
You tell us what you want us to monitor: which products and resellers and what you want us to analyse and what metrics (learn more about our packages here). Simply share a list with the information you want us to track, we import your lists and additional product data that your resellers are expected to use for their own marketplaces.

2. Our “polite” spiders capture the data you are after at the lowest-traffic time periods
Our smart search technology gets to work. It visits all the resellers and sees everything that a consumer can see: first pages, category pages, product pages, descriptions, prices, images and out-of-stock statuses. Also, if products appear in relevant searches and categories.

3. Before being published, the data goes through careful validation
Our smart AI technology double-checks and triple-checks everything in all sorts of ways. On top of that, it tells us when something is anomalous and needs a human judgement. Then we do manual checks. We take pride in delivering reseller data that you can trust.

4. Actionable insights are presented in real time on all your devices
The data is easy for top management or any key account manager, product manager, or regional marketing manager to see what they need to see, understand what it means, and take action. Our extensive, hands-on retail experience means we know what matters to you. View and customise your dashboard in the tool and get notifications when lost sales opportunities are found.

Can I have a test account?

We are more than happy to do extensive demo’s for you so that you get to see and experience the tool together with a Detail Representative. We do not give access to test accounts as we always make sure to set-up the tool to fit the client objectives and provide training for people using the tool to make sure you get the most out of it.

How do I get started?

In its simplest form, all you need to do is to let us know which retailers or marketplaces you wish to track, which products you want us to keep an eye on and how in-depth and frequent you want to get the findings. This is software as a service and no integrations are required.

  • Getting started with Detail Essential
    You’re up and running 2-3 weeks from when we receive the following information from you:

    • a list of retailers
    • list of products/SKUs/EAN
  • Getting started with Detail Premium
    You’re up and running 4-6 weeks from when we receive the following information from you:

    • list of retailers
    • list of products
    • 5 search words/category/site
    • source of truth for content (own website, PIM, excel or other source)

Learn more about our packages here. LINK

How soon can I get access to the insights obtained by Detail Online?

Before start you’ll get a project plan with estimated launch date. For Detail Essential you’re up and running 2-3 weeks from when we get the required information from you, if you start with Detail Premium you’re up and running in 4-6 weeks. If you go ahead with a custom solution (refered to as Detail Enterprise) you we agree on a time plan prior implementation start.

Once set-up you get insights from day 1.

How can I get support?

Our Customer Success team is here for you. You’ll first meet them during the implementation when they help you with the implementation. Once you’re up and running you can access support via e-mail or phone. Our Customer Success team provide support in multiple languages.

How do I access the insights?

All insights are accessible for you at any time within the tool. You can easily customize your dashboard to show you the insights that matters the most to you. Trigger notifications via e-mail to yourself or the right stakeholders so the responsible person can take prompt actions when discrepancies are found, ie. if your product is not visible or if it is out of-stock.

You can easily extract the data from the tool to create your own reports and it is possible to create an integration with desired 3rd party system if you want that (add on service).

Can I start tracking more products and resellers?

You can always add more resellers, marketplaces, products and gain more in depht-insights. Easily upload the products you want to track in the tool. To add new retailers or start tracking new metrics, reach out to your CS or sales representative.

How can I use the insights to boost sales in my reseller channels?

The insights results in a suggested action list. Like in the offline world, it’s all about establishing good relationship to your resellers and making sure that they understand that you have a mutual interest in driving sales. Once you find the right stakeholder at the retailer they can work with you to make the desired changes. It can be, but is not limited to:

  • Update keywords used to describe your product
  • Change what category your product is listed under
  • Fix broken links
  • Send new or complimentary product content (i.e descriptions, images, video)
  • Respond to poor or low reviews
  • Ensure the reseller has your product in stock

How can I get the reseller to update this information?

You and your reseller have a joint interest to deliver accurate product information and to increase sales and get happy customers. Most retailers appriciate the help to identify areas of improvements that can contribute to drivining converison. You just need to find the right stakeholder that can help to improve these things.

What’s the ROI?

With Detail Online you get a tool with build in search technology and artificial intelligence. We’ll provide you with insights on your lost sales opportunities so that you can take prompt action. We develop predictive sales so you can put a clear value on our insights… What this means?

We make it easier for you to prioritise which actions you take by connecting insights directly to ROI. Read more about how you can get ROI by using Detail Online here. LINK

Why should I choose Detail Online?

  • Easy to use
    Use our tool to get the insights you need to gain control of your brand and product visibility online. E-commerce auditing has never been this easy. Our experienced Customer Success team will help you get started and support you along the way.
  • 100% secure
    You are in safe hands when using Detail Online. We know what matters to you and your resellers. We have made an extra effort to build our search technology to behave politely. Plus, we use the most trusted cloud platform (Microsoft Azure) in the world.
  • Rooted in retail
    We are truly passionate about retail, sales, marketing and technology. We aim to continue to deliver stellar insights and develop the product to do things you might not know you need yet. We vow to be one step ahead of you – being there as your partner when you need us.
  • Validated, meaningful insights
    There is a vast amount of data out there relating to your products and your competitors. Gathering relevant information is one thing, but it’s of little value unless it’s reliable and presents insights to you in a way that lets you quickly take action.
Originally published Apr. 20, 2020, updated May. 12, 2020

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