Creating a Product Details Page that converts

Your product details page and content plays a crucial role in driving sales online. But providing content to the reseller isn’t enough when things change all the time. You need to monitor your resellers to identify issues so that you can fix them.

One issue that may arise is that the crafted product narrative you’re trying to tell with your product content gets distorted or even lost as your products become available on more reseller sites. This doesn’t just damage your brand but leads to inconsistency and a lack of visibility, negatively affecting product sales.

But the challenges of product pages go beyond this – do you have sufficient rich content? Is the product description accurate and in-depth enough? Are there reviews and ratings in place?

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In this brief article, we’ve put together some of our top tips for highly converting product pages to help you get started. Before you dig into it, we’d like to remind you that our insights do not replace crucial industry-specific research.

What makes a strong Product Details Page depends on your industry and the individual marketplace or reseller. We highly recommend you look into yours.

Nailing your product description

The purpose of the product description is clear: to give consumers additional information about a specific product.

Product detail pages present a unique opportunity to influence purchasing decisions by implementing channel-specific content. This means changing how you describe your product to match the site’s tone of voice or customize the images or additional rich content to include references to the current season or trends.

Optimizing your content in this way on retailer sites will increase the number of resonance consumers have with your retailer and likely boost product conversion performance. (Source: Nielsen Brand bank)

Tips when providing content for your product page to resellers:

  • Avoid long paragraphs.
  • Use customer-friendly search terms and common category keywords. Read our post on how to optimize for search on reseller sites.
  • Provide additional information to consumers to help inform them prior purchase decision. This could be a video or additional measurements.
  • Include key information typical for your industry.
  • Avoid information that may become out of date and links to other websites.

Making the most out of rich content

In today’s scattered eCommerce landscape, you need to work to ensure consistency of size, look, feel, and formats for your images across your sales channels. But make sure your carefully selected images match the reseller’s requirements. If you deliver the desired format and size, your photos will probably turn out in high quality on the reseller website.

Some tips when choosing images:

  • Provide a hero image matching the reseller’s requirements.
  • Don’t leave too much up to people’s imagination when you choose your images. Allow the customer to zoom in for details and provide a 360 view of your product.
  • Include actual life contextual images of your product. Using images like someone wearing the headphones you are selling or seeing the clothes on a person has proven to increase conversions.
  • If applicable, provide a product image showing the size point of reference.
  • And beyond images? Including video in your product content mix is becoming more common. During large-scale product page usability testing, 41% of users watched product videos. For that 41% of users who sought out the video, the content made a big difference in their product page experience, helping them imagine how the product might fit into their own lives.

Convincing buyers with ratings and reviews

On average, a consumer reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business. The Proven Power of Reviews reports states 86% of consumers say reviews are an essential resource for purchase decisions.

The purchase likelihood for a product with five reviews is 270% greater than a product with 0 reviews. Those are some big numbers that make clear; you can’t sleep on reviews and ratings on your product details page.

Besides including ratings and reviews, you need to monitor that they are positive. You are best off tracking the trend and average of your reviews so you can investigate and take action where there is a negative trend. You may also want to respond to negative reviews to show you care and uplift credibility.

Not sure how to get ratings and reviews on your product pages on reseller sites? Encourage resellers to implement a review plugin by sharing the benefits (like the numbers shared above) and helping them with ideas to run review campaigns.

Align product content with your brand

It will surprise you to see how many versions of your brand images circulate online. Poor resolution images, outdated images, wrong nuances or logos, and more are common issues that can undermine buyer trust and negatively affect your brand image.

Content consistency that complements your overall brand narrative can make or break your conversion. It’s not just about creating on-brand content but also ensuring how to use them, especially when you follow up the implementation and usage of your strategy and collaterals.

Naturally, retailers want and need to stand out from their competition, and there’s a need to tweak and personalize content. Resellers might describe your product can passionately but still miss crucial information or details. 

Do they remove your most important USP if they need to cut the text? Doing this may have affected how they find your product in searches. You must monitor product presentation and re-align it with your brand where necessary.

Creating product details pages that convert takes a lot of attention to detail and continuous effort, especially in monitoring changes. But with the right priorities and, potentially, a Digital Shelf Analytics solution to help you, you can stay in charge and make resellers aware of where they’re missing sales opportunities.

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Originally published Oct. 26, 2020, updated Feb. 05, 2021

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