3 quick tips on how to take charge of product sales in online reseller channels

Taking charge of your product sales and how retailers present your products on various resellers channels takes effort. But it pays off. And it doesn’t have to be difficult (or expensive) to get started. Find our top 3 tips for taking charge of product sales in online reseller channels below.

1. Deliver the correct information and images to the reseller

Whether you use a sophisticated tool to manage, store and share your product information or have a more manual process, deliver the content needed to get happy customers to your resellers. Having a process in place is vital.

2. Monitor your products on reseller sites

Make sure you don’t stop with providing content to the reseller. Follow up and ensure that they display your products correctly. Of course, with the right content, and that it’s always-in-stock.

product sales

Thanks to AI technology, these user-friendly tools give you endless opportunities for what you as a brand can monitor in your reseller channels. Find a tool that helps you ensure consumers can:

  • find your product
  • get inspired to choose your product
  • buy your product

 3. Act on your lost sales opportunities to boost product sales

Where you find your products are missing, have the wrong information, are out-of-stock, you must act to make improvements quickly. It will affect both the customer experience and your sales negatively if you don’t.

Are you interested in exploring how other brands monitor their product visibility and what actions they take to increase sales based on these insights? Book a 15-minute exploration call with us today.

Originally published Apr. 27, 2020, updated Feb. 04, 2021
Joakim Gavelin
Joakim Gavelin
CEO, Detail Online

Joakim has spent 25 years in merchandising and conducting audits in physical stores, and for the last 5 years he has been applying the same principles online. The tactics include promotion, presentation, visibility, stock situation, position on shelf, share of shelf etc., which all affect conversion in e-commerce.

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