In-house development = Unbeatable customization

“If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Nineteenth-century French writer Charles-Guillaume Étienne (we quoted him in the headline) sums it up pretty well: If you wish to create something truly unique, it’s often best to do it yourself. At Detail, we develop our software at our facility in Davao City in the Philippines. Therefrom we make the technology available for clients in over 60 countries, all over the world. In this article, we’d like to tell you a bit more about the benefits of in-house production as we see it.

  1. Customization

First of all: the possibilities to customize is unbeatable. At Detail, we’re all about tailoring our service to a client’s specific need – and what’s important to one client is useless to another. Therefore, a commercial software solution wouldn’t do. And we realized that if we brought in external consultants to build the software, they wouldn’t have the in-depth sales and marketing knowledge that we possess in-house (one of the factors that makes Detail truly useful). We take pride in being sales and marketing people developing a unique solution customized for other sales and marketing people.

  1. Cost efficiency

Another major reason for us to develop our own software is to stay cost-effective. We want to offer our clients a piece of software that’s truly useful without being overly expensive. By hiring our own development team and keeping production close, we get better cost control and don’t have to rely on outside support. Good for us, and good for our clients.

  1. Security

Developing software internally means that we have full control over the product as well as the data we gather. And we like to think that the same goes for the companies we work with.

  1. Control

Developing our software in-house gives us full control of the end product. Our staff have firsthand experience developing the software and know the product inside out. This minimizes the time, cost and effort spent on development issues.

  1. Responsiveness

Developing useful software is all about testing. Testing the technical functions, the usability and the effect. By having our own team, we can constantly test and make desired changes in the software. Updates and improvements to Detail happen from one day to the next, thanks to our in-house development – and that makes us responsive and agile.

Above are just a few of the reasons why we opted to go for our own internal production and take control of the whole development chain. And there are more. Like scalability. As Detail grows we want to make sure that our product is up for it. By developing the product software ourselves, we can prepare features that make it easy to scale up when the time comes. We hope you’ll stick around to see it happen!

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