Have a look at our new Detail Merchandising Online Showreel!

At Detail Merchandising Online we’re always eager to provide the best service and to create a good customer experience, therefore we strive for development, R+D, improvement and customer care.

In order to increase online merchandising experience, we have just released our latest version of our Online solution where we have integrated five core functionalities under the same platform; it is what we call Detail 2.0.

An all-inclusive solution for digital merchandising

Not only has Detail’s look-and-feel changed, Detail has also increased its scope of what it is capable of. Thanks to our easy-managed Dashboard, customer experience will increase as our weekly summaries and reports will give the exact image of how your products are doing digitally. Consumer ratings, product management in compliance as well as an app development are a few examples of the journey we are taking: we want Detail to be the digital merchandising tool every brand wants to have; and probably can’t live without.

Be informed at all times thanks to our new Notifications function

With the new Detail 2.0, three-dimensional notifications are now possible. This means that the customer can easily set prerequisites for and receive notifications via e-mail per SKU, per Retailer and for what they want to be notified about (price, share of shelf, compliance) and of course, set a prerequisite on how important that notification is. Notifications can be shared with others in your team or company so that you all have the same perception of your products digitally.

Have a look at our new Showreel!

In order to engage in this new journey fully, we have just released a brand-new Showreel where you as brand, customer and partner can check out our latest enhancements and join us into these exciting times going onwards.