Detail Online’s reseller auditing tool is music to Zoundindustries’s ears

Leading speaker and headphones brand, Zoundindustries, has embedded our digital shelf analytics solution throughout its sales function.

Who are Zoundindustries

Zoundindustries is a Stockholm-based consumer electronics company that designs, develops, and markets branded earphones and speakers for Adidas, Marshall, and Urbanears. It works with a global network of e-tailers and marketplaces, ranging from Tmall in China to Bestbuy in the US, Mediamarkt in the Nordics, and Amazon globally. Zoundindustries began using Detail Online’s digital shelf analytics tool four years ago. 

Customer testimonial 

Magnus Langley, Zoundindustries’ Global Trade Marketing Director, says:

“Detail has helped Zoundindustries make a real breakthrough in its transition from physical retail to eCommerce. We use Detail’s solution to drive reseller conversion rates, set our sales KPIs and measure our global Sales organization. The Detail solution is taken incredibly seriously right across our sales and marketing organization, including among our management team.” 


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Challenges: Shifting focus to eCommerce 

Zoundindustries wanted to replicate how its field marketing team audited physical stores across its e-commerce reseller channels. They wanted a digital solution to ensure their products “looked good, were priced right and were whole and clean.”

“Langley says the company tried to audit the digital shelf manually but this approach was not thorough and proved to be too time consuming.” 

Solution: Building a foundation for success 

Zoundindustries now uses Detail Online to audit reseller channels in the following areas: 

  • Content correctness: Have products been listed correctly, with the correct title, description, and images/videos?  
  • Product availability: Are products in stock and available to buy? 
  • Findability: Do they have a high search ranking? Detail shows exactly where brands need to focus their efforts to ensure they are findable.  
  • Customer reviews: Do products have good customer reviews and are they trending positively? 
  • Share of shelf: Do the products have the correct share of the digital shelf? 

Langley explains that these five factors are equally important, and they form the foundation for Zoundindustries’ eCommerce marketing and sales success.  

Results: Achieving a step-change in conversions 

Langley says:

“Detail Online has helped us achieve a step-change in awareness and sales conversions across the 13 markets that we track. They have helped us meet the customer early in their buying journey by achieving a high search ranking and being present and relevant on the sites our customers use.

“The whole of our sales organization uses Detail Online’s solution now, as well as our sales directors and trade marketing department. They have different KPIs, but Detail’s system is highly customizable, allowing them to extract the data they need with the minimum of fuss.

“Our consumer insight team uses Detail for competitor analysis to see how we are performing compared to our competitors and what share of the shelf we are achieving.

“Our brand team also uses it to ensure we have the expected exposure and resellers use the correct assets and resources to sell our products–for example, optimized product descriptions, videos, and images.

“We use the insights that Detail Online provides in our conversations with resellers, discussing how our products are performing in their channels and how that performance can be improved. Detail Online’s insights help us achieve the top positions for our prioritized products.” 


What’s it like to work with Detail Online?  

Langley says:

“We really enjoy working with Detail Online. Their solution is incredibly user-friendly and super easy to navigate. It identifies the pain points which trigger lost sales, gives us the actionable insights to improve conversions, and even prioritizes what actions we should take first, to get the maximum benefit.”


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Hear Zoundindustries share learnings gathered on their journey from physical retail to online success. The breakthrough that helped them improve reseller conversion rates, set sales KPIs, and measure the success of their efforts.