Detail Online was nominated in the 2021 Microsoft Supplier Program Prestige Awards

MSP Prestige Awards recognize suppliers that exemplify the MSP pillars of strategy, priority, agility and modernization in the arenas of sustainability, accessibility, inclusion, representation and community contributions.

This year’s awards were reimagined to align with Microsoft values, while instilling a sense of partnership with MSP’s business-critical, diverse and enterprise suppliers.

Ed Noble, Senior Partner, Microsoft Worldwide Channel Marketing, wrote our award nomination saying:

“From the beginning, the Detail team has been a strong contributor to our overall content strategy, beyond just execution, and has consistently enhanced their Product’s technology to better meet our changing business needs.

They are always pushing the forefront of e-commerce tech, always collaborative, and always applying a growth mindset to tackle business problems. This makes the Detail Online team a strong candidate for Supplier of the Year.”

Joakim Gavelin, CEO and Founder of Detail Online says:

“Microsoft was one of our first global clients four years ago, and we’ve been working closely with them ever since. Our partnership with Microsoft has helped mold our DNA, so our nomination as Supplier of the Year is more than a snapshot. It’s a validation of my team’s hard work and who we are as an organization, but also of the capabilities in our Technology.

I am super-honored and forever grateful to my team, but also to all the great people we work with at Microsoft, allowing us to always be our best.”

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