Microsoft audits global online reseller content with Detail Online

Microsoft describes Detail Online as its e-commerce “eyes and ears,” here’s why…

How does Microsoft use Detail Online? 

Microsoft’s global Consumer and Channel Marketing team use Detail Online to audit reseller websites worldwide, enabling the team to identify instances where third-party resellers can further improve product content.

The challenge

Prior to Detail Online’s partnership, the Microsoft team hired auditors to manually visit retailers’ websites and measure and monitor retailers’ execution.

The challenge was to find an automated solution that could execute this task on a greater scale, faster, more accurately, in a more cost-effective way, and in greater detail.

The solution

Microsoft’s team now uses Detail Online to help take control of the brand’s product visibility in online reseller channels worldwide. Detail’s solution alerts Microsoft of lost sales opportunities and compliance issues in near real-time. The metrics that Microsoft can now monitor and measure include:

  • Product titles
  • Images
  • Product descriptions
  • Rich content
  • Product findability
  • Share of Shelf
  • Product attach rate

The results

Detail Online’s solution enables Microsoft’s global Consumer and Channel Marketing team to globally track hundreds of retail partners. Previously the team could manually monitor the brand’s top 20 to 30 retailers.

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