Why Royal Canin trusts Detail Online to troubleshoot its reseller channels

Specialist petfood brand Royal Canin is just one of the international companies that trusts Detail Online to audit its digital resellers.

Niklas Rantzow, Royal Canin

We had a Q&A with Niklas Rantzov, Royal Canin’s E-commerce Category Development Specialist, asking for his feedback on our solution. Niklas’s role is to drive both digital change within Royal Canin and digital business development with its retailers. This is what Niklas had to say:

Q: What challenges does Royal Canin face and how has Detail Online helped to solve them?

A: “One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced has been reseller stock-outs. We’ve been aware of an issue for some time, but Detail Online instantly revealed the full extent of the problem and where it occurs.

“Detail has provided a granular level of insight, such as a historic view of stock-outs to show when and for how long products have been out of stock at different resellers.

“Having constantly updated information like this at our fingertips has proved to be incredibly valuable in our conversations with resellers.”

Are reseller stock-outs the only area where Detail Online has added value?

“No, Detail’s actionable insights generate opportunities right across our online operation, creating synergies between sales, marketing and ecommerce and enabling these teams to see the bigger picture.

“Other key areas of Detail’s solution, which we are starting to adopt in 2021, are product page completeness and accuracy as well as product findability.

“For instance, Detail will enable us to determine whether a product page has an image, title and description and whether this information is fully present and correct. We know, for example, that product imagery plays an incredibly important role in converting our customers, so we absolutely must get that right.

“It’s also crucial that our product can be found when our customer searches for it, regardless of whether they use niche or generic keywords. Royal Canin needs to be found and Detail helps my team ensure we don’t lose share of shelf in search.

“Detail Online thoroughly audits our resellers and delivers all of this information and more. This gives us an advantage in a dynamic pet food market where new brands and private labels pop up online all the time.”

Actionable insights lie at the heart of the Detail Online solution, how useful have they been for you?

“They’ve enabled my team to see beyond simple sales figures, giving us the ability to analyse the ecommerce landscape, understand customer behaviour better and also understand whether our digital efforts are having the desired results.

“As a relatively new user of Detail, our initial priority has been to improve our out-of-stock rates. Having both up-to-date and historical stock availability data for specific retailers has been a real game changer.

“We’ve been able to show resellers exactly when stock-outs have occurred using screen prints and highlight instances when their perceived availability differs from Detail’s data-based insights. This has been an incredibly valuable collaboration tool enabling us to work closely with retailers and reduce stock-outs.

“Before Detail we could only see an inaccurate overview of how our products were being sold. It was like we were blindfolded without realising it. Now however, we can see the full ecommerce picture and we can focus our efforts where they will have the greatest impact.”

How does Detail Online stack up against other digital shelf analytics tools you have used?

“I’ve looked at other solutions in my previous roles and my experience is that other tools are too Amazon focused. Detail gives a much broader picture.

“Detail is also a better company to work with. We’ve enjoyed an open and frank dialogue with Detail from day one and thanks to the flexibility of both their team and their solution, we enjoy a good fit between their tool and our needs.

“We don’t consider Detail to be a “nice to have”, it’s a key resource which enables us to get the insights our sales teams need to do their daily job.”

How do you rate the user-experience offered by our solution?

“The tool is really clear and straightforward to use. It’s not over-designed and there’s not too much data, which is a real advantage.

“It’s also clear that that the product is constantly being developed. It’s evolving and improving all the time, which is key today.”

Finally, how would you sum up your relationship with the Detail Online team?

“The Detail team has given us great support and answered all our questions – even if we’ve asked the same thing multiple times!

“They are super flexible when it comes to satisfying our needs. All communication has been straightforward and I have found them to be very solution orientated.”

About Royal Canin 

Royal Canin is one of the worlds leading pet food brands. Everything the company does is driven by its passion for the health and wellbeing of every cat and dog. With a scientific approach, Royal Canin makes a better world for pets.

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