Detail Online helps global consumer brands take control of their product visibility in online reseller channels worldwide, in order to quickly identify lost sales opportunities and compliance issues.

We are utterly proud of being the founders of this future-proof service that will not only maximise your ability to sell online, but will also give you the tools to embrace, monitor and merchandise in the online environment.

In fact, this is a natural turn for us and for our careers; since we have seen the urge of brands and businesses of being as competitive online as in physical stores.

In the first 3-4 years, Detail Online has attracted some of the largest consumer brands in the world. Our clients operate in a wide range of sectors from consumer electronics, FMCG, IT, software and entertainment, to food and beverage, logistics, fashion, cosmetics, homewares, sports equipment and pet care.

Today we have offices in Sweden, Finland, the UK, Switzerland, Spain and the Philippines. Together with our global partners we serve brands world-wide.

If there is one secret behind this success, it’s how the company was built:

  • One of the founders came from two decades in retail trenches, the hands-on world where you must know that products on the right-hand side of the aisles sell better and that consumers irrationally don’t always buy the brand they like the most.
  • Another is a programming genius who, along with his team of world-class IT developers, creates sophisticated retail-dedicated spiders and AI technology.
  • Add to that a senior marketing director who started out as the company’s first customer, representing a major global consumer brand, before jumping over to Detail Online and becoming a co-founder who could contribute deep insights into the needs of a global brand.

From this solid foundation, we developed a tool that would prove not just useful, but invaluable, to our customers.

From the left: Peter Clerborn, Leo Dratwa and Joakim Gavelin. Photo: Press

From the very beginning there was an expressed, real-world need. A well-known global consumer brand was looking for a way to conduct mystery shopping in the online world.

That became the first iteration of our product.

Once it was ready, another global brand heard about it and didn’t need much convincing about the benefits of not having to monitor their resellers manually any more.

That’s right, no need for tedious manual work once a month when you have a solution that does everything – with much better precision – automatically. Even daily, if you want.

We are proud of what our product can do, and we look forward to helping you optimise your indirect sales channels and start selling more.