We empower you to sell more in your indirect sales channels online.

Our AI-powered smart search technology reveals how visible, available and compliant your products are for consumers online any time, anywhere, at each one of your resellers.

The effects of online shopping transformation

Up to 35 percent of shopping is already taking place online and the share increase each day all over the world. The effects of this transformation on your global consumer brand are numerous and far-reaching.

Lost control

You might know who your resellers are online. But how do you know if they are presenting your products and your brand in the right way? How do you even know how much exposure and share of shelf your products get?

Some global brands try to monitor their products manually – but it’s very time-consuming, so those audits are usually limited to once a month, in just a few cherry-picked stores, for a small sample of products.

Lost reputation

Online, there are no sales staff you can train to present your products the right way. The traditional sales job has now been taken over by product pages, which can cause many problems for consumer brands.

Up to 20 percent of all e-commerce product data has been found to be incorrect or inconsistent, with two of the biggest culprits being distorted or mixed up images and outdated descriptions and specifications. 98 percent of online shoppers say that incorrect or inconsistent content has stopped them from completing a purchase online, so this is something that consumer brands cannot afford to ignore.

Lost listings

Another problem unique to the online world, which can make sales grind to a halt, is broken links. Your product suddenly becomes unavailable for consumers – even if it’s in stock. This problem is huge.

A staggering 40 percent of all SKUs that brands expect to find visible on their online resellers’ shelves aren’t there, because of broken links and other tech bugs. This, understandably, means massive lost sales opportunities.

Take control of your product visibility online

By facing this new retail reality head-on, you can take control of your digital transformation and turn it into a big opportunity for your brand.

Product visibility on the virtual shelves is now just as important as in physical stores. Digital merchandising requires proactivity and quick reactions to ensure your products get the attention they deserve.

80% of shoppers consult their smartphones on purchases they’re about to make in a physical store.

Consumer ratings and reviews are the new floor salesmen.

20–40% of SKUs disappear or never show up on the online shelves.

The changing consumer behaviour

Why you can trust us

In order to increase sales from your indirect sales channels online, monitoring product visibility is a must. But it’s not enough. You also need to trust your monitoring solution.

• We know what matters to you, inside out. Our solutions are the result of 40+ years spent in retail, brand marketing, sales, and smart search/AI.

• We make it easy for you to act. With fully customisable reports, the right people are notified about the right products at the right time.

• We strive to produce data you can trust. We handle millions of data packages and we are close to perfection at 99.7 percent accuracy, making us one of the most reliable companies in the business.

• We respect your resellers. We have built our search technology to behave politely and we use the most trusted cloud platform in the world.