Identify what matters the most – without being overwhelmed

Finding threats and opportunities in e-commerce can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. We use smart search technology and artificial intelligence to uncover lost sales opportunities.

Through the eye of the consumer

We allow you to see what the consumer sees when they view your products at your online resellers. We deliver a daily, easy-to-use dashboard which summarises our investigations and answers important questions like:

• Are your products visible where they should be?
• Are any of your products out-of-stock anywhere?
• Are all your products presented correctly?
• Do you have the share of shelf and product ranking you’re aiming for?
• Do you have ratings and reviews in place for all products?
• What’s the price of your products across all resellers?
• What are your competitors up to and where?

We transform data to meaningful insights

Gathering the relevant information is one thing, but it’s of little value unless it’s presented in a digestible way. We identify the data that offers useful insights and we present it to you in a way that lets you quickly take action. Below is just a sample of the information we deliver daily:

Detail Online overview


View the most important KPIs for you to track in your online sales channels.

  • Quickly get high-level views of your product’s visibility, stock status, pricing, share of shelf and compliance at your online resellers worldwide.
  • Decide what insights you want based on the objectives, resellers or regions you want to analyse.
  • Easily download the findings and share with your team to move from insights to action.

Product view

Deepen the insights about one product at the time across all your resellers. This is also where you easily administrate product information.

  • Track visibility, stock-status, pricing, consumer ratings and compliance for the product in scope.
  • Track what resellers that are listing each specific product.
  • Track your consumer ratings for this product, reseller by reseller.

Comparisons view

Easily identify trends and price changes for products at your resellers worldwide.

  • Quickly see price fluctuations and compare your own products in relation to your competitors.
  • Monitor and compare prices for individual products as well as product groups – either snapshots or trends over time – in predetermined retailers.

Rankings view

Keep track of your product ranking and share of shelf at your resellers, in relation to search words or categories of your choice, for a snapshot or a given time frame.

  • Monitor your brand’s impact on the shelves.
  • Monitor how your products are ranking.
  • Compare your performance with your competitors.

Detail Online compliance

Compliance view

Monitor and manage all compliance issues found across your products and resellers, which could be affecting your brand reputation and product sales.

  • See where compliance issues have been detected.
  • Analyse and manage the findings and deviations across product descriptions, specifications, titles, images and videos.


Notifications view

Configure alerts by setting your personal criteria to receive notifications via e-mail and in our dashboard for the lost sales opportunities that matters the most. 

  • Be aware of every finding in real time.
  • Customise and set personal or group shared thresholds and notifications.

We use the most trusted and widely used cloud platform

We want our service to be completely reliable, fast, and unlimited in terms of tech development and functionality. We use Microsoft Azure, the most trusted and widely used cloud platform in the world . It is extremely stable, and fast in any country.