How accurate is your price monitoring software?

Detail Online’s solution works with, not against, your reseller websites to achieve greater accuracy

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A price monitoring software is a powerful tool for any brand selling its products through third parties.

However, the challenge with selling online is the sheer size of the digital shelf and the fact that prices change constantly. This makes effective human monitoring virtually impossible.

But now there’s an answer–Detail Online’s AI-powered price monitoring software can automatically analyze the pricing strategies of hundreds of your resellers in real-time right across the digital shelf. It enables you to:

  • Monitor competitors’ pricing
  • Observe price fluctuations in specific product groups.
  • Monitor the pricing when new products are launched across your resellers
  • Maximise your profit margins while creating a compelling offer for your resellers.

Price monitoring with accuracy baked in

We have designed our solution to achieve levels of data accuracy up to 98% without affecting your reseller websites.

Most price monitoring solutions use spiders that visit reseller websites multiple times a day.

This slows down websites and reduces conversion rates. Retailers protect their websites by inundating high-frequency spiders with false data to confuse them.

This significantly undermines price monitoring data accuracy.

Detail Online’s approach is unique

  • We create individual and highly ethical spiders for each reseller website.
  • We designed them to gather data during quiet periods, protecting site speeds and conversion rates.
  • They use local IP addresses to achieve a local-consumers-eye view.
  • Our solution also includes an AI-powered validation engine that triple checks all pricing data and flags it for human review if necessary.

Price monitoring… and so much more

Choose Detail Online as your price monitoring partner, and you will access the full range of our powerful digital shelf analytics capability. Our solution can also audit your reseller websites for:

  • Lost product visibility
  • Out of stocks
  • Mismatched or incorrect product content
  • Low search performance
  • A lack of pricing intelligence
  • Problematic customer ratings

Our intelligent search technology will reveal how visible, available, and compliant your products are for consumers online anytime, anywhere at each of your resellers.

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