What does an Online Merchandiser do?

Online merchandising is all the rage right now. But what does an Online Merchandiser actually do? How does their day-to-day look like? We’ve put together an overview to answer these questions and more.

There are several ways to ensure the best possible visibility of your products around the world. In the physical space, mystery shopping, frequent merchandising, and regular audits are as important as ever.

However, you need a fresh approach considering the new reality of online retail. The responsibility for this lies with the Online Merchandiser.


Online sales taking a bigger piece of the pie every year
Today about 14% of sales transactions happen online, as a global average. In certain industries, product categories and markets, the share is much higher; upwards of 50%.

Making the most of every moment with potential consumers

The secret to optimizing sales revenues from resellers comes down to making the most of every moment with potential consumers – ensuring your products and your brand are seen as you intend, no matter where this encounter takes place.

The Online Merchandiser (also referred to as Online Channel Merchandiser) does this by taking charge of all the factors that make or break sales online: availability, the share of shelf, visibility, sales support, and more.

In fact, the factors aren’t very different online from in-store.

The Online Merchandiser is the team’s online coordinator, ensuring top quality online performance for a brand. The most important task for them is to establish and nurture relationships with e-tailers’ and retailers.

The Online Merchandiser ensures that compliancy and commercial discrepancies are eliminated through tight contact with online resellers.

They also ensure omnichannel compliance by analyzing data captured often by In-store Merchandisers (working on the field) with data. While a traditional merchandiser often works with field reporting tools, the Online Merchandiser uses their online pendant, such as Detail Online.

Tasks of an Online Merchandiser

  • Data tool superuser for sales and marketing department
  • Daily follow up on targeted KPIs vs. outcome.
  • Daily follow up online insights vs. in-store insights.
  • Prepare and define actions based on insights.
  • Present key findings to stakeholders in the company
  • Work on search words, consumer ratings, bundles
  • Analyze competitor information, pricing, and campaigns
  • Establish relations to e-tailers & retailers

An Online Merchandiser’s life can be made a lot easier with powerful partners such as Detail Online, that monitor product visibility online based on algorithms. They can provide an Online Merchandiser with insightful data to help them optimize for sales.

Originally published Dec. 05, 2019, updated Feb. 04, 2021
Charlotta Backman
Charlotta Backman is experienced with assisting international brands growing their presence, sales, and profits within a crowded digital space by leveraging unique insights to guide them in embracing innovative online actions to win the omnichannel battle.

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