Increasing your onlines sales in third party channels

E-commerce can be a world full of challenges. But there are just as many opportunities to increase sales if you know where to look.

Most global brands now work with third-party sales channels. This could be your average online shop or a giant like Amazon. There are many things to watch out for — such as product visibility or search rankings, making most online sales in third party channels.

We’ve put together some tips for those looking to boost sales with resellers.

Identifying the culprit

For sales leaks online, it’s often not the brand’s fault when things go wrong.

A product might go missing from a reseller site without the brand knowing about it. Incorrect or incomplete product information on a reseller site can be out of control for brands that supply the correct information. 

Information gets lost or distorted in its long way from a brand to its reseller platform. Did you know that 20% inconsistent content of all product pages online? The big culprits being misleading or missing product information.

But while brands aren’t to blame, they carry the responsibility and often suffer from the effects. Incorrect product information can reflect poorly on them. End-users can’t buy products that drop in search rankings or are in the wrong category. This means your brand isn’t visible as a whole.

Remember, the end goal is that consumers choose your product. With 7 out of 10 consumers running into out-of-stock issues and a global out-of-stock rate of 20%, this can be a challenging goal to reach.

But how do you ensure this doesn’t happen?

We believe the solution is monitoring and regularly measuring relevant KPIs for your reseller channels.

Boost sales today

The key to taking action on sales leaks is to know when they happen and move from a defensive strategy to a preventive approach. To make sure it alerts you when issues arise that could lead to lost sales or prevent sales, you need a reliable online monitoring tool.

This tool can help you align around KPIs and monitor your resellers without having to sacrifice your resources. Detail Online offers automated monitoring that can help you take charge of your online sales instantly. With Detail Online, you always know:

  • If your products are visible where they should be.

  • If your products show up under the right keywords and in the right category.

  • If all products have a title, description, specification, image, or video.

  • If rich content and correct product information and presentation

  • Is your product in stock and sometimes available for in-store pickup?

  • Discover how your competitors are winning sales

See for yourself why global brands use our tool every day to monitor, analyze, and improve product visibility. We can give you a free demo today.

Originally published Mar. 18, 2020, updated Feb. 08, 2021
Joakim Gavelin
Joakim Gavelin
CEO, Detail Online

Joakim has spent 25 years in merchandising and conducting audits in physical stores, and for the last 5 years he has been applying the same principles online. The tactics include promotion, presentation, visibility, stock situation, position on shelf, share of shelf etc., which all affect conversion in e-commerce.

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