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Findability, product content and availability – the foundations of ecommerce success

Findability, product content and availability continue to play a critical role in consumers’ online journey to purchase, but they are often overlooked, causing brands and third-party resellers to needlessly miss out on valuable…

3 Minutes Read
share of shelf

How to connect your share of shelf and market position

Your share of shelf is a crucial metric across retailer sites. It can be an accurate picture of your market share compared to your competitors. And also present how your products stand out…

3 Minutes Read

Detail Online was nominated in the 2021 Microsoft Supplier Program Prestige Awards

MSP Prestige Awards recognize suppliers that exemplify the MSP pillars of strategy, priority, agility and modernization in the arenas of sustainability, accessibility, inclusion, representation and community contributions. This year’s awards were reimagined to…

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price monitoring technology

Is your price monitoring solution flawed?

Why high-frequency data scraping spiders undermine the accuracy of reseller price monitoring Price monitoring technology can be a powerful commercial tool for brands selling their products through third parties–no matter what sales channels…

3 Minutes Read

Zoundindustries Customer Case Study

Leading speaker and headphones brand, Zoundindustries, has embedded our digital shelf analytics solution throughout its sales function. Who are Zoundindustries?  Zoundindustries is a Stockholm-based consumer electronics company that designs, develops, and markets branded…

2 Minutes Read
digital shelf analytics solutions

How to pick the best digital shelf analytics solutions for your brand

Digital shelf analytics solutions have different strengths and weaknesses. To determine the ideal DSA technology for your brand, you first need to decide your goals. But first, ask yourself these following questions:  …

6 Minutes Read
Amazon Buy Box

Are you ready to win the Amazon Buy Box battle?

Introducing the tool that will identify your weaknesses and help supercharge your Amazon sales and marketing strategy The Amazon Buy Box doesn’t look like much. It contains a ‘Buy Now’ button and an…

5 Minutes Read

Start your year without the guessing game

Here’s how digital shelf analytics will help you supercharge your brand’s online reseller channels in 2021 Or better said. Are you among the brands attempting to achieve digital excellence for your online product…

5 Minutes Read
inRiver Acquires Detail Online

inRiver Acquires Detail Online and Powers the Only “Digital-First PIM” Solution

Advanced analytics capabilities help solve the revenue challenges industrial manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce teams face in 2021   CHICAGO and MALMÖ, Sweden - - (January 18, 2021) - -  inRiver, the solution that…

2 Minutes Read
Optimise for search

This is how you optimise your products for search on retailer sites and marketplaces

Ensuring that we find your products in searches on retailer sites and marketplaces plays a key role in driving product sales. Searches no longer only start on Google or other search engines; many…

5 Minutes Read
Product Details Page

Creating a Product Details Page that converts

Your product details page and content plays a crucial role in driving sales online. But providing content to the reseller isn’t enough when things change all the time. You need to monitor your…

4 Minutes Read
Digital Shelf Analytics

Brands, is the digital shelf stacked in your favour?

Five ways to ensure your products get found, look sharp and fend off threats online As lockdown eased across Europe this summer, leading management consultants, McKinsey, warned we might all be suffering from…

4 Minutes Read
product sales

3 quick tips on how to take charge of product sales in online reseller channels

Taking charge of your product sales and how retailers present your products on various resellers channels takes effort. But it pays off. And it doesn’t have to be difficult (or expensive) to get…

Less than a Minute Read
Detail Online

ROI – What can you expect from using Detail Online?

Our customers often ask what kind of ROI (Return on Investment) they expect while working with us at Detail Online. Or while using our e-commerce auditing tool. Monitoring online product visibility alone, of…

7 Minutes Read
Online shopping

Online shopping will continue to have a big share of total retail sales post Covid-19

Online shopping will never be the same. And the Corona outbreak is speeding up the shift from physical retail to e-commerce, which is now happening faster than previous forecasts.  The share of consumers…

2 Minutes Read
consistency for consumer experiences

Why you should be focusing on consistency for consumer experiences

New research finds retailers are putting more emphasis on consistency of experience than the convergence of their digital and physical channels (1, Boston Retail Partners). But why is consistency for consumer experiences a…

3 Minutes Read
Increasing your onlines sales

Increasing your onlines sales in third party channels

E-commerce can be a world full of challenges. But there are just as many opportunities to increase sales if you know where to look. Most global brands now work with third-party sales channels.…

2 Minutes Read
Content matters

The Importance of product content – online and offline

According to Conversion XL insights, 36% of consumers spend on average 30 minutes comparing products before deciding to buy, with 51% visiting over 4 sites to research and compare. What does this mean…

5 Minutes Read
Online Merchandiser

What does an Online Merchandiser do?

Online merchandising is all the rage right now. But what does an Online Merchandiser actually do? How does their day-to-day look like? We've put together an overview to answer these questions and more.…

2 Minutes Read
Online merchandising

Online merchandising: using smart tech to do all your mystery shopping and audits online

Online merchandising made easy! Thanks to new AI-powered smart search technology. It’s now easier than ever to apply the principles of mystery shopping, audits, and merchandising in the digital world. Great to have…

Less than a Minute Read
online sales channel

Spot your online sales channel revenue leaks and fix them

How do you fix online sales channel leaks? Here are a few factors that may contribute to massive conversion problems and in your online sales channels. To stop these leaks and optimize sales…

4 Minutes Read
Online shopping

Conversion secrets to drive sales online and offline

Drive sales online? Have you ever wondered what drives sales in physical and online stores? How your products fly off the shelves is the same both in the physical and digital world. Availability,…

2 Minutes Read

5 ways to turn your out-of-stock problems into revenue

Thanks to AI technology, you can solve all your out-of-stock problems. Thanks to these user-friendly tools with endless opportunities for what you as a brand can monitor in your reseller channels. Find a…

3 Minutes Read

How a packet of muesli can be worth $1,500 for global brands

Pretend for a moment that your company owns a trendy muesli brand and sells it globally online, via hundreds of resellers. How much is an individual packet worth, would you say? $2? $3?…

Less than a Minute Read
Disappearing SKUs

Why global brands’ products mysteriously disappear from online sales channels

Bestselling products from global brands regularly disappear from the online shelves—with no one noticing. Why the disappearing SKUs? The resellers are usually slow to pick up on it, and most big brands are…

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