Conquer the digital shelf

Are you ready to turn sales threats into opportunities? The ecommerce explosion presents both challenges and opportunities for your brand. There’s an increasing number of global channels to sell through, but this proliferation brings unprecedented complexity.

Detail Online’s unique software cuts through the noise to automatically monitor the digital shelf on your behalf, giving you a stream of actionable insights to boost your conversion rates. Here’s how:

We maximise your product's "findability"

Our AI-driven auditing technology will alert you if your product is knocked off the digital shelf. We’ll ensure its sold in the most logical place, correctly categorised, described using the right keywords and has the right share of shelf. Our software reveals your search ranking, as well as your competitors’.

Perfect product content guaranteed

Our system automatically alerts you if retailers deviate from your preferred product content. This can include videos, images and written content you’ve specifically designed to drive conversions.

We'll strenghten your stock across the digital shelf

Our technology will give you an early warning of potential out-of-stocks so you can protect sales as well as your hard-earned search ranking. We’ll let you know if your product is out-of-stock in any of your reseller channels and if your product is available for in-store pick-up.

Rely on Detail Online to monitor product pricing

Want to analyse pricing and promotions right across the digital shelf? No problem, our solution does exactly that. We use AI to automatically monitor prices in near real-time so you can understand how retailers are pricing your products and benchmark your prices against your competitors.


We’ll help you win the ratings and reviews battle

The more positive reviews you have the more chance of converting customers. Our solution warns you when your product doesn’t have enough reviews. It also alerts you of negative reviews so that you can respond, depending on the site’s functionality.

What makes Detail Online different?

Our solution is:

  • Highly accurate – It features a validation loop to check data multiple times
  • Custom made – We use bots specially customised to audit specific ecommerce sites
  • Ethical – we audit sites early morning to avoid slowing them down
  • User-friendly and highly actionable – All of our data is presented in near real time using user-friendly dashboards
  • Built on experience – Detail Online is the result of more than 40 years’ experience in retail, brand marketing, sales and smart search/AI.
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