We are passionate sales & marketing people

About us

Revolution through evolution

Detail Merchandising Online as tool and business is founded and built by people with a true understanding for merchandising, sales and consumption behaviour.

We are not an IT company who have moved into sales and marketing. We are passionate sales and marketing people with over 40 years of experience within retail and sales that have engaged some of the best IT developers in the world to fulfil a need and solve a problem that brands and businesses will face in the future. And the future is now.

In fact, this is a natural turn for us and for our careers; since we have seen the urge of brands and businesses of being as competitive online as in physical stores.

We are utterly proud of being the founders of this future-proof service that will not only maximise your ability to sell online, but will also give you the tools to embrace, monitor and merchandise in the online environment.


Our commercial partners

We are in our essence a Swedish company, with strategic partners representing and engaging in detail all over the world. Something truly valuable since their joint knowledge and experience within this area are outstanding. We are so grateful for counting with the expertise and representation of: